Area 51, a U.S. military base, located north-northwest of Las Vegas. Has been said to have hidden an alien space craft with life from another planet, but they were wrong. In 1864 a top secret program was started called Marth.
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Name: Light

PostSubject: The Rules:LEARN THEM! FOLLOW THEM!   Sun Jan 18, 2009 1:38 pm

- Out of Charrie –

• No Fighting. Ever.
• Nothing inappropriate.

- In Character –

• If you have not logged in, in over a month, your characters will be deleted or given away to an active member
• Ooc chats are allowed as long as you place it in brackets or tell that you are speaking ooc: ((text)), OOC: text, [[text]]
• All characters must have the required elemental criteria. The correct elements for beginners are posting in the temple for bios
• No rping until your charrie is approved
• No abandoning a charrie just to make a new one. Give a good reason before you do
• No spaming

- Fighting –

• No power playing
• No God moding
• Broken bone in a body part is serious damage. Consider the fight over.
• The admins will decide the outcome of a fight if it is not obvious

- Co-Admin (A's)–

• May accept characters
• May do pup stats
• May judge fights
• May update board description
• May move threads to the archives
• May make boards with my permission
• May approve or decline mini-plots
• May make activity checks with my permission
• May do contests
• May do affiliates

- Global-Moderators(B's)–

• May accept characters
• May move threads you think are finished (or haven't been posted in for three weeks) to the archives
• May judge fights
• May do contests
• May do affiliates

- Moderators( C's) –

• May accept characters
• May judge fights, but cannot pick the winner
• May move threads you think are finished (or haven't been posted in for three weeks) to the archives
• May do contests
• May do affiliates

Rules Password: The New World
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